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Ember Yoga


General Terms and Conditions of use / membership and purchases . These terms are no exhaustive and are subject to change without notice.



Ember Yoga is a Private Ltd company registered at 44 High Street, Hampton Hill , Tw12 1PD



 It is private business situated within the Heath and Wellbeing business sectors .



Our primary business focus is the provision of exercise classes principally Yoga, Barre and Pilates .



We also retail products associated with such activities .




All users of Ember hereafter known as guests use the facility after full disclosure of any health matters or other issues that pertain to participating in physical activity . It is the guests responsibility to ensure that we are aware of any ongoing issue or potential risk .



Ember cannot be held responsible for any issue arising from non disclosure of known issues or from issues relating to the acceptable level of risk arising from attendance of any class .



Ember will ensure that all contracted instructors hold the level of proficiency and insurance relevant to their instructed classes



Ember will ensure that all instructors are continually performance assessed through feedback mechanisms and direct adjudication.



Any participant feeling unwell or suffering from injury during the class must immediately inform the instructor of the issue so appropriate action can be taken.



Any guest who has medication or a condition that requires specialist medical attention must receive permission from a medical professional before participating in any class. They must also let the instructor and or studio staff know about any medication that may need to be administered.



If you are pregnant then you require medical permission to attend any heated classes , and indeed any classes if in the first trimester .




Ember is a place of safety . All guests are expected to act with courtesy and respect towards each other and the staff at all times, aggressive , anti social or bullying behaviour will not be tolerated . Any member or other not adhering to this clause will be asked to leave the studio and not return. Their membership will be invalid and they will not be entitled to any refund. We will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour at all .



Minors can attend but they must be attended to by a legal parent or guardian at all times whilst on  Ember property. This includes the shop area, studio and changing/ shower areas.

The lower age limit for participation is 14.



Ember is a place of equal opportunity and diversity if you have any specific needs or requirements then please call us in advance and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you can enjoy all the activities at Ember . Everyone is welcome at Ember regardless of race, gender, ability, religion, age or sexuality . All we ask is that guests respect that it is our differences that bring us together and don’t let them drive us apart.



Any accidents or illness on Ember property will be recorded in and appropriate first aid will be administered in accordance with the training of the instructors and staff on site. 



All personal property is the responsibility of the owner not Ember . We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs whilst guests are on Ember property. Valuables should be secured in the lockers at the rear of the studio and preferably left at home. We will not store any belongings or cash for any guests, so please don’t take offence if we refuse .



Cameras operate 24hrs a day at Ember in the shop front and in the rear corridor this is entirely for the safety and security of staff and guests .



Any lost property will be kept by Ember for a period of no more than 7 days, after this if it remains unclaimed  we will take to a local charity shop or dispose of it.



All classes regardless of if part of a membership or drop in must be paid for in advance. We do not operate a book now pay later scheme. So again please don’t be offended if you ask because we will refuse.



Payments must be made on time – any missed payment will leave the guest in lieu of payment and a payment to consolidate the balance will be required before we can allow booking to continue.



If you are struggling with contracted payments then please get in touch with us to discuss as we do want to help . Please don’t let the balance build up over time as we will unfortunately take contract enforcement action to reclaim the outstanding balance of the full contract .



Peak and off peak memberships are 6 month contracts. After 6 months they move to a rolling month to month payment. You may cancel this contract at any time after the 6 month timeframe with 30 days written notice. After this notice period we will cease taking further payment and the contract will be ended.



If you cancel your contract and rejoin this is seen a new contract period and the 6 months will begin again.



Should you suffer any medical or other serious circumstance then please contact us as we may be able to put your contract on hold if you can provide evidence of your circumstance preventing use of the studio



You have 7 days from the signing of the peak/off peak membership to reconsider and cancel the agreement, however if you attend the studio and use your membership in this period then you are assumed to have accepted the contract has begun in earnest.







Membership prices are fixed for the duration of the contract you sign and for 6 months of rolling contract thereafter. After 12 months they can be reviewed , you will receive notification of any changes and are under no obligation to continue after this period and can cancel without penalty . Memberships become active on the day of signing and payments will be taken every 4 weeks for the duration of the contract thereafter.



There will be no refunds after the cooling off period



Any changes to cards or bank accounts used to collect monthly payments are the responsibility of the guest to notify Ember so as to not interrupt contractual service or restrict access to the studio .



All purchases of drop in classes are valid for the class purchased and booked  and cannot be changed or transferred without express permission of the studio manager or founder.



Both the 10 and 20 pack are valid from their date of purchase not first use , and have an expiry of 3 months and 6 months respectively. There will be no extension of the expiry date without the express permission of the studio manager or founder.





Packs can be used for both peak and off peak classes and each class counts as 1 credit whether peak or off peak. There is no differential between the values of the classes when booking and they have no external cash value.



Desired classes being full is not a reason to extend the expiry of a pack or refund a membership, we will always endeavour to provide adequate space on our varied timetable but inevitably there will be times when booking is not possible due to the volume of users. If it is a continued issue the we will look to provide extra classes to accommodate.


The introductory pack is available to guests as a one time only offering which may be redeemed at any time. It is strictly one per person and has an expiry of 14 days from date of purchase, packs can be purchased for other users but are not transferable back to a user who has already utilised the intro offer.



The intro pack allows for unlimited booking of the available studio classes for a period of 14 days .



Classes that are full will have a wait list of 4 people , should a guest cancel spaces will be allocated according to the order guests arrived on the wait list. First come first served . You will be notified by push notification/ through the app or email regarding the wait list availability



Classes can be cancelled without penalty up to 5hrs prior.tothe start , Anything after this will result in loss of the session for guests who have purchased packs or drop ins. Repeated Cancellations inside of the 5hr window from members on peak or off peak memberships will result in sanctions including temporary suspension and in extreme cases withdrawal of membership. We ask that you consider that other guests may be waiting to book onto the class and will miss out if prompt cancellations are not made.

Cancellations made for pack sessions and drop ins made in accordance with the cancellation policy will not result in penalty and can be rebooked.

Refunds can be issued for drop in classes not attended and cancelled within the cancellation policy, classes can also be rebooked for another available slot if required.

In the incredibly tragic event of a member passing away then all membership payments will of course cease as soon as we are notified and any remaining payments will be voided .

Classes and memberships cannot be transferred to any other person, packs cannot be shared or split between individuals.

Each contract as a separate entity and only usable by the individual named on the system, friends or family cannot attend in your place.



We ask that there is strictly no photography at all as it is too hard to ensure permission of all participants in sharing of media.



We ask that phones are switched off when entering Ember and that they are locked away in the lockers provided or not brought at all . Absolutely no phones in the studio .



Please remove your shoes before entering the studio and leave them in the racks provided front of house



When using then shower area, we ask that in busy times you limit shower time to 5 mins and then move to the private cubicles to change . We do only have one shower and other people will invariably waiting to use it .



Please do not remove the locker keys from the site



Please do not unplug the hairdryer/ straighteners from their current location .



Whilst we are extremely lucky to have the garden area , please be aware that it is not available for guests to use. The deer leap at the back and surrounding wall are the property of the Royal Park and as such Ember takes no liability for any loss or damage that may occur from unauthorised use.



Ember is on a high street , but we have neighbours and friends all around we ask that you respect this by leaving in an orderly and quiet fashion, particularly early mornings, evenings and weekends.



Please take your waste products and waste home with you, we do not have the facility to store or dispose of this on site and we would prefer you to recycle at home.



Guests are not allowed behind reception at any time or for any reason .



Items purchased from the store are protected under The Sales of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Credit Act 1974



Items can be reserved and paid for purchase through the App and then picked up in store, there is no additional cost for this transaction



Items can also be purchased in store , receipts will be emailed to you and card payment receipts and Apple pay can be emailed or texted to the guests contact details.



These receipts act as your proof of purchase



Mats or towels cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons after being used .



Your statutory rights are not affected




Bookings can be made via the app , website, over the phone or in person. Ember cannot be held responsible for any app or website malfunction that prevents booking.



Booking can take place up to five minutes before the start of the class, no booking can be made for an ongoing class



We ask you arrive 10 minutes early for class , if you are late and the class has started then you run the risk of not being permitted to enter the studio. The studio managers/ instructors decision on this is final and must be respected .



The timetable is subject to change and cover instructors may be used at the last minute this is often unavoidable and in no way will affect the quality of the class but may affect the expected content.



in the unlikely event a class needs to be cancelled we will call / email and send a push notification to all booked guests.



We provide products at Ember for use in the bathrooms and shower areas, we try our very best to ensure that these are ethical , cruelty free and allergy safe , however we ask that you check for yourself and ensure that you will have no adverse reaction from using them. It is your responsibility to check this.



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