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At Ember we will be using FAR Infrared technology to heat the studio to the required temperature between 35 -42 degrees c.


Amanda Brough

Studio manager here at Ember. I first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2008. Not naturally flexible I found it challenging at first but something made me keep going back and over time my mat became a place where I could heal and transform, a place where I could find inner peace and remember my spirituality. The decision to become a yoga teacher was one of the best I’ve ever made and in 2014 I graduated from Claire Missingham’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga School with an Outstanding pass. I’ve also completed Well Woman Yoga Therapy training with Uma Dinsmore-Tulli and studied devotional chanting with Nikki Slade.

My classes are spiritual yet practical, challenging but accessible, nurturing and playful. There’s a different theme every four weeks, incorporating uplifting music, soulful poetry or words of wisdom and thought provoking yoga philosophy. I give an open invitation for you to come to the mat exactly as you are and engage with yoga in a way that’s right for your body, as it is right now. My approach is heartfelt, gentle and encouraging and I create a warm, inclusive environment for my students to move, breathe, heal and explore; leaving them feeling refreshed, grounded and full of inner radiance.

Natalie Jones

Natalie believes that Pilates can transform not only the body but also the mind, soul and whole life. She started practicing Pilates after the birth of her son and has personally experienced the transformative nature of Pilates. Natalie has a sporting background, a degree in Physical Education in the Community and a Masters PGCE. She has taught Pilates for a number of years.

Natalie is an enthusiastic and empathic teacher. She uses a holistic, dynamic approach in her classes that enhances the well-being of her students and increases their sense of body/mind connection. She ensures that her classes meet the individual where they are and that each session will leave students feeling strong, flexible, healthy, relaxed and happy. Natalie loves to witness the benefits that students experience through regular Pilates practice, and is passionate about guiding students to achieve their true Pilates potential.

Maya Mckeever

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Maya began her ballet training when she was five at the prestigious Jean M. Wong School of Ballet. During her time there, she trained under the Royal Academy of Dance and by the time she was 15, she had completed all of the exams until the highest level with Distinctions. Subsequently, in 2016 she auditioned and was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy’s summer programme – a two week intensive course in Moscow, during which she was immediately invited to attend their year round programme as a full time student. Maya began her professional training at the Bolshoi in September of 2016 under the directorship of the Madame Marina Leonova, and successfully finished her year at the academy scoring high marks in all of her dance and language exams. Since then, Maya has been training privately with the Bolshoi trained, ex-Stanislavsky and ENB dancer, Natalia Kremen, in London, and is currently preparing for upcoming performances and auditions that will be taking place over the summer.
Yoga, Pilates and Barre teacher

Alfia Nugman

Coming from the corporate background, I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and teaching since 2015 after I’ve completed my 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Southern India. Since then I’ve been developing my knowledge and skills in different styles of yoga and currently teach various disciplines such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Dynamic, Power and Restorative Yoga.

In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing, a meditative dynamic flow with an emphasis on the breath (pranayama) and a dose of inspiration to help my students to deepen their practice, flexibility, vitality and self-awareness, to motivate them to improve their wellness, grow stronger, feel refreshed, nourished and balanced once they step off the mat. I’m a strong believer in the connection between the mind and the body and encourage my students to approach their practice as a form of a moving meditation. I always keep my eyes and hands on the students during the class helping them to align and adjust each pose providing various modifications. I lead yoga classes for different skill levels from beginning to advanced and work well with all ages and culture of students with diverse experience levels.


Yoga, Pilates and Barre teacher

Marco Lamb

Marco was born and raised in the outskirts of south- west London. Having been an average athlete when younger, this active life  disappeared after leaving school. Finding himself living a sedentary lifestyle untill age 25, he was eager for this to change. He found Yoga was an inclusive practise for everyone. Marco felt the benefits of improved mobility, stability and body awareness with each passing practice.   After practising Bikram for two years and flirting with a side practise of Vinyasa Flow for a year, he decided to indulge in a 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training at South Boston Yoga.

Marco remains fascinated with fundamental strength and mobility practises. When he teaches a class, his main focus is on a smart sequence of poses, while including modification for all levels.  His light hearted and challenging style towards yoga creates a playful atmosphere where everyone can find themselves supported, safe while having fun.

Emma Manning

After injuring my knee long distance running, I thought I wouldn’t be able to find an exercise I LOVED to do again. That was until my friend dragged me along to a hot yoga class.  I fell in love.

I had worked in banking complaints for 14 years and decided it was time for a change. My love for yoga became a real passion and a direction I knew I wanted to take. I noticed the advertisement for hot yoga teacher training at the studio where my yoga journey began all those years ago. I made a few enquiries and after a tough 200 hours, here I am… A yoga teacher!! 

Having worked in various studios around Greater London for a year, I am delighted to be joining the Ember Yoga Team here in Hampton Hill. I look forward to meeting all the amazing yogis to walk through the door!

James Travis

One of the owners of Ember, a Personal Trainer by trade for nearly 10 years now, former Nike Training Club trainer and occasional movie star.

I have a vision that Ember will become a fully rounded Health and Wellbeing studio with Fitness classes perfectly complementing our Yoga / Pilates and Barre schedule. I will be teaching the Hell part of  “Heaven and Hell” on Saturday Mornings and also the upcoming Ember Box and Ember Lunchbox classes and can’t wait to see see more of you all .

Roisin Kinch

My yoga practice first began roughly 6 years ago firstly with Bikram the shortly finding my feet in vinyasa classes. I have always had an active lifestyle: dancing, trampolining and swimming but as I grew out of my teenage years I found I had less spare time for these luxuries.

Yoga found me I suppose at a time when I needed it – life stresses and ailments of over worked shoulders and tight hips from working began to become an issue. I fell in love with the movement of yoga but found pranayama had the most impact on my over active mind, teaching me to slow down and be present in the here and now.

I took my 200hr Anusara inspired yoga teacher training with Bridget Woods-Kramer at Triyoga in 2017. My passion for teaching derives from the unity of the practice, bringing together all genders, shapes and ages. Alongside my mat based yoga I am also a trained Aerial Yoga teacher, physically turning frowns upside down!

My classes are accessible to all levels and are intertwined with philosophy, poetry, empowering mindful quotes and essential oils to awaken the mind and senses. I enjoy teaching energetic classes dynamically flowing through postures using the breath as the guide, with some good music and a little added sweat!

Yoga, Pilates and Barre teacher

Vinna Barber

Coming from a very busy corporate banking environment, I wasn’t interested in yoga but was always guided into the spiritual path of meditation and ritual by my parents.

I was introduced to Asana practice in 2000, I didn’t fall in love with the physical practice, but I did like the quietness it brought to my meditation practice and loved to move my body with Grace, feeling and ease.

I studied with the BWY in 2005, additional disciplines also including pranayama/meditation with Philip Xerri and Rolf Sovik, Restorative yoga with Anna Ashby, Hot yoga with Kristen Campbell and Yin yoga Nathalie Dubreu. 

I bring a sense of calm with challenge to every class allowing the music of breath and sounds creative space in the body. Gently encouraging you to reach your full potential whilst adjusting alignment if necessary. Hands on Adjustment come from studying as a Thai yoga therapist.

Guilia Pagani 

Giulia started practicing Ashtanga Yoga fourteen years ago, in Italy. Discipline nurtured her ability to master more and more asana. Passion drove her several times to Mysore (India), where this practice was born. Curiosity enhanced her willingness to start exploring other yoga practices (Vinyasa and Hatha), and desire to share led her to become a yoga teacher.

Giulia decided to become an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher studying with one of the most renewed student of Patthabi Jois: David Swenson.
Nowadays Giulia is applying the core of Ashtanga, focussed on breath and meditation in movement, also to other dynamic Vinyasa flows. She believes that the key to reach a deep body confidence is the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Sequence, breathing and flow are some of the most important skills that her students constantly learn and improve during every dynamic yoga practice. She has developed a special sequence for cyclists and runners to go into deep, slow stretching to ease their hamstrings, hips and lower back.


Tanya - Yoga, Pilates and Barre teacher

Tanya Louise

Tanya is a professional dancer and has been working in the industry for 10 years. Trained at the esteemed Bodywork Company Dance Studios as a dancer and actress, her career has taken her around the world performing! Some of her favourite jobs include the Walt Disney film – ‘Beauty and The Beast,’ and playing the lead in the European Arena Tour ‘Apassionata’ she has also worked with various companies and theatres and has done many campaigns and TV commercials.

Tanya’s sessions are technical, fun and motivating! You will leave feeling long, lean and full of life!

Laura Bowers

Laura has practiced yoga for over 20 years and taught for 5. Her yoga education encompasses classic hatha, Vinyasa flow, yin, pre and post-natal from internationally renowned teachers that continuously inspire her own practice. She has a background in complementary therapies with training in Nutrition, Naturopathy and various bodywork modalities, which she integrates into her hands on teaching, enhancing a felt sense of the body through her approachable and fun instruction.

Amy Prentice

With a background in dance and fitness, I looked to Yoga to further develop my strength and flexibility, but never imagined it to transfer off the mat in to my everyday life. My practice has inspired me to be more mindful, more playful, and more curious.
I am adamant in the belief that yoga is for every body, Regardless of whether you’re rolling out your mat for the first time, or are looking for a greater anatomical awareness in an already established practice.

In my class I like to combine styles of Yoga, focusing on Vinyasa and Hatha, with creative flows and a sense of fun throughout. My classes have a strong focus on personal alignment without the one size fits all approach.
I hope when you step off your mat, you’ll have deepened your practice, and most importantly had fun!

Debbi Henderson

I have practised yoga for most of my adult life and I became much more in love with yoga and all its deep history after a trip to India which spiritually enhanced my practice, leading me into teacher training with world renowned teacher Simon low at The Yoga academy. Accredited with the British wheel of yoga and yoga alliance. I am taught in the Krishnamacharya lineage and Viniyoga tradition and I continue to study under the teachings of Gill Lloyd, practising meditation, chanting and Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga. Every class is adapted to your ability and will challenge your body and mind. My classes have an emphasis on safe alignment, with a deep understanding of anatomy and how the body moves. weaving strength, flexibility and a deep rooting on the true essence of yoga into every class.